Italian Association of Hospital Gastroenterologists and Digestive Endoscopists

released: 1 March 2017
last updated: 1 March 2017


How this list was created:

AIGO internally established a working group, coordinated by two components of the National Directory and composed of members of the Youth Commission, with the goal of giving strong guidelines against diagnostic and therapeutic inappropriateness. The email was then established to solicit proposals from all the regular members of the society. The working group then curated and developed the most relevant themes and elaborated the proposals outlined in this document, sharing this with the National Directory and all the associates.

About this society:

AIGO (Italian Association of Hospital Gastroenterologists and Digestive Endoscopists) was established in Rome in 1969; it was established in response to the high incidence, prevalence, and social impact of diseases on the digestive system; its goal is the continued development of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy; it proposes and supports both a network of hospitals and territory capable of providing answers regarding appropriateness and adequate distribution of resources. It is articulated in regional sections, committees and study groups. Its goal is to develop understanding of the pathologies and preventative techniques, as well as to promote progress in the field of prevention, curing and rehabilitation of gastrointestinal diseases. It strives to further education and empowerment for science, technology, and organization of Gastroenterology, also in collaboration with regulatory authorities.