From Monday 4 March 2024, the new distance learning course of the National Federation of Medical Doctors’ and Dentists’ Orders (FNOMCeO) “Choosing Wisely Italy: a tool to improve the appropriateness and quality of care” is available free of charge for Italian doctors and dentists and provides 10 credits in Continuing Medical Education (CME code 411717).

It will be possible to follow the course until at least 31 December 2024.

The course was created by the Slow Medicine ETS association and the Choosing Wisely Italy campaign to help physicians provide appropriate prescriptions for tests, drugs, other treatments and procedures, in alliance with patients and citizens.

The objective of the course is the dissemination of knowledge on the topics of clinical appropriateness and the overuse of tests, treatments and procedures, on Choosing Wisely, the Choosing Wisely Italy campaign and its Green evolution, as well as on some recommendations of general medical interest.

Interventions that improve clinical appropriateness act positively on several aspects of the quality of care: they increase professionals’ adherence to the best scientific knowledge (practical effectiveness), they decrease adverse events associated with care (safety), they shorten waiting lists (equity, accessibility) and reduce waste of resources (efficiency). Also they improve the doctor-patient relationship (perceived quality) and last but not least they limit greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the environment resulting from healthcare (ecological footprint).

The course includes 10 video presentations, 5 exercises on 25 daily practice cases and a CME questionnaire that investigates the knowledge acquired.