Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology

released: 1 March 2014
last updated: 1 March 2014


How this list was created:

In occasion of the Executive Board meeting on 8 July 2013 the Italian Society of Medical Radiology – SIRM – has officially published 5 high-risk practices of inappropriateness identified by Slow Medicine under the project “Doing more does not mean doing better.”A review of the literature was carried out based on common clinical practices that do not, in most cases, determine a clinical decision. The practices selected were chosen based on lack of efficacy, risk of damage from exposure to ionizing radiation, risk of over-diagnosis and over-treatment, and high diffusion in Italy; also inherently characterized by high costs. The identification of the procedures took into account the ACR appropriateness criteria [] and the agreement between the Italian Minister of Health, the Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano on the document entitled “Guidelines for diagnostic imaging” based on art. 4 of Legislative Decree of the 28th of August 1997, n.281.
Although the “legge 187/2000” states that the justification of these practices is a responsibility of the MD Radiologist together with the prescriber, the case law and the daily practice make it difficult to consistently reject these requests in the absence of an appropriate awareness of prescribing doctors and general population.

About this society:

The Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology – SIRM – was founded in 1913 and counts over 11,000 members.The President remains in office for two years and the twelve councilors for four years.
The organization is present throughout Italy and is divided into 18 Regional Groups and 20 Study Sections (e.g. Breast Care, Thoracic Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Urgency, Ethics, MRI, etc.). The official media branch is the “La Radiologia Medica” the professional scientific journal published in English with IF 1.461. Other Italian radiological publications include: “Il Radiologo” and “Il Giornale Italiano di Radiologia”.
The National Congress is held every two years and is attended by around 4,500 members.
The official site: can provide further details.