AIGO (The Italian Association of Hospital Gastroenterologists and Digestive Endoscopists) after having published a position paper and structured other awareness-raising initiatives on the responsibility of professionals towards climate change, defined within the AIGO GREEN path 5 recommendations for Choosing Wisely Italy on Green Endoscopy

An article on the subject, signed by Francesco Bortoluzzi and Sandra Vernero, was published by Quotidiano Sanità
Endoscopy Green? Yes you can, here’s how

The five AIGO recommendations on green endoscopy are fully part of the recent initiative of a GREEN CHOOSING WISELY, launched in collaboration with the ISDE association of Doctors for the Environment, which intends to raise awareness among professionals and citizens on the fact that the reduction of unnecessary practices can be an advantage both for people’s health and for the environment. Professional societies are invited to:
– develop recommendations on practices that cause harm to the environment
– describe the environmental consequences of inappropriate practices.

Other scientific societies are defining “green” recommendations for their area of expertise.