Italian Multidisciplinary Society for the Prevention of Infections in Healthcare Organizations

released: 15 December 2019
last updated: 15 December 2019


How this list was created

SIMPIOS is a multidisciplinary society with the goal of contrasting the phenomenon of healthcare-associated infections/infections in the health organizations thanks to a politics of education of health operators and a promotion to adopt efficacious standards, focusing on: hand hygiene, politics about a correct use of antibiotic treatment, hospital hygiene measures, correct use of microbiologic examinations. The five reported recommendations in this paper are the result of an indication of the executive that had selected between various possibilities the ones that considered more important because simple, but often not followed, avoiding the overlap its indication with the one already considered by other associations in Choosing Wisely Italy.

About this society:

The Società Italiana Multidisciplinare per la Prevenzione delle Infezioni nelle Organizzazioni Sanitarie (SIMPIOS) is born in 2003 after a collaboration between colleagues of various educations: hygienists, epidemiologists, anaesthetist, nurses, chemists, committed to health care assistance, research and education, with the goal of constant inter-professional comparison as key point for an efficacious strategy to fight against healthcare-associated infections.

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