National Association for Medical Residents

released: 2 May 2023
last updated: 2 May 2023


How this list was created

The list of 5 recommendations for residents on diagnostic and therapeutic appropriateness has been designed by FederSpecializzandi. Recommendations were developed in 2019 thank to an internal task force and subsequently revised in 2022, also according to changes that specialized medical education underwent during the COVID-19 era. Recommendations have been shared, discussed and approved during the Association National Assembly that took place on December 2022.

About this society:

FederSpecializzandi started as Confederazione Nazionale delle Associazioni dei Medici Specializzandi in 2003, it was the answer to the need for a new and effective coordination between different local Italian medical recidency associations. Aim of the new group was the battle for the right to an adequate formation and a contract to gain the work rights, denied till then. First victory for FederSpecializzandi has been the national contract for medical residency. However, the battle for a better medical formation during the residency is far to be completed and stands as the central aim for the association. In 2017 FederSpecializzandi changed its structure from a confederation of local associations to a national association for medical residents.
FederSpecializzandi is nonpartisan, areligious, independent and non-profit. For more information: https://www.federspecializzandi.it/