National Association of Nurses for the Prevention of Hospital Infections (FNOPI Professional Society)

released: 1 March 2017
last updated: 1 March 2017


How this list was created

ANIPIO (Scientific Society of Nurses Specialised in Infectious Disease) is a scientific association that works with all healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and the public at large. The “Heart” of ANIPIO is the control of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in all healthcare settings. Infections are a real concern for public health. In fact, a study of prevalence in 30 European countries found that 1 patient in 18 contracts one of these infections in hospital. The 5 practices at risk of being inappropriate for ANIPIO, according to the principle of Slow Medicine “doing more does not mean doing better”, came from a careful analysis shared with all members supported by EB, review of the literature, comparison with national and international studies and sharing with patients/public. The methodological approach was organized by the Academy of Nursing Sciences (ASI).

About this society:

ANIPIO is the National Association of Nurses for the Prevention of Hospital Infections, founded on 27 September 1991 in Bologna, expressing the will of a group of nurses to pool their energies and knowledge to combat hospital infections.
ANIPIO’s mission is:
• Promote professional qualifications and training with regard to risks of infection.
• Carry out studies and research on healthcare-associated infections.
• Disseminate new knowledge about infection control.
• Be a point of reference for risks of infection for professionals, the public and public and private healthcare providers.
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