Italian Association of Critical Care Nurses (FNOPI Professional Society)

released: 1 October 2016
last updated: 1 October 2016


How this list was created

ANIARTI (National Association of Critical Care Nurses) accepted the invitation of Slow Medicine and the National Federation FNOPI and was involved along with other scientific companies and professional associations – for what concerns their area of professional expertise – in the identification of care procedures at high risk of inappropriateness, as required by Slow Medicine as a part of the project “Doing more does not mean doing better- Choosing Wisely Italy”. Alike for other associations, the National Council established a working group which, after identifying the procedures that best meet the criteria of “DON’T DO” for risks of inappropriateness, conducted a review of the literature to prove the lack of efficacy or the risk of harm to patients for widespread practices in Critical Area. The methodological approach was organized by the Academy of Nursing Sciences (ASI).

About this society:

ANIARTI is a professional association which, since 1981, promotes and enhances the culture, the skills and the practicality of critical care nurses throughout the national territory. The critical area is the set of intensive intra- and extra-hospital structures and the totality of situations characterized by the criticality and instability of the patient and by the complexity of nursing care. Critical care nurses ensure timely, intensive and continuous care to any person in situation of instability and/or life-threatening, also using complex technological instruments and devices. Aniarti aims at improving the quality of nursing care.