Don’t replace regularly the mechanical ventilator circuits to reduce the risk of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia)

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Routine replacement of the mechanical ventilator circuits is not recommended. These should only be replaced if they are visibly dirty (with plenty of moisture and / or secretions). VAPs produce increased morbidity and mortality and rise the costs for hospitalized patients in intensive care (ICU) with the presence of endotracheal tube (ETT). Routine replacement of the ventilation circuit does not decrease the risk of infection. Effective interventions to reduce VAPs can be inserted in a “bundle” (combination of preventive strategies) which considers: keeping the patients’ head elevated at least 30 ° (compatibly with any constrained position due to functional limitations); hygiene of the oral cavity with an alcoholic solution of chlorhexidine mouthwash to 0.12% at least every 6 hours; hand hygiene of healthcare workers; use of ETT with subglottic suction lumen; early extubation and mobilization.


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