Italian Society of Pediatric Primary Care

released: 1 September 2022
last updated: 1 September 2022


How this list was created

The Board Members of SICuPP-Tuscany, with the help of additional expertise, coordinated a group work whose aim was to identify 5 further recommendations on the appropriateness of practices and prescriptions in the field of pediatric primary care, based on surveys already carried out by other scientific societies. After sharing them with the President, the National Board of and the regional representatives of SICuPP, they were sent for evaluation to the steering committee of the Choosing Wisely Italy project.

About this society:

SICuPP was born in 2005 as an evolution of the Pediatrics Primary Care Study Group; it consists mainly of primary care pediatricians, together with pediatrics residents and all physicians who share interests in the field of pediatric primary care. The goals of the society are to promote the role of family pediatricians, consolidate and disseminate the culture of local pediatric care, and promote the empowerment of patients and families as a tool to safeguard the health and functionality of the NHS. These goals are pursued through continuous professional improvement, research and experimentation. Significant efforts are also devoted to the integration of the various figures working in the pediatric field and to constantly improve quality of care.
SICuPP is affiliated to the Italian Society of Pediatric, is a member of the European Confederation of Primary Care Pediatricians (ECPCP) and of Slow Medicine ETS network. It also supports the “save the NHS” GIMBE project and is included among the scientific societies entitled to produce guidelines for the National Health Plan.