Italian Society of Palliative Care

released: 1 April 2015
last updated: 1 April 2021


How this list was created

At the outset of the project (June 2014) a letter outlining the project was circulated to the regional SICP Coordinators requesting them, together with other SICP members, to identify 5 procedures linked to palliative care that met the criteria defined in the Project.Collection and analysis of feedback (October 2014).
Presentation and discussion of the results at the annual National Congress of SICP (October 2014), with particular attention to the importance of separating procedures for which there is no evidence of effectiveness from those that are proven to be ineffective.
Development of the final document (January 2015). Recommendation 5 was replaced in April 2021.

About this society:

The Italian Society of Palliative Care (SICP – was setup in Milan in 1986 with the aim of diffusing the principles of palliative care. Palliative care addresses the complex needs that characterize advanced and terminal illness by providing continuous comprehensive clinical, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional support for the patient and family. The SICP is a scientific society present throughout Italy with regional and inter-regional platforms to give a voice to healthcare staff working in palliative care. Embracing multi-professionalism that is typical of this field, the SICP provides information and support for all the professional figures who provide palliative care by organizing accredited regional training programs, a national annual conference, a scientific journal and distance learning (ODL).