Italian Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

released: 1 June 2014
last updated: 1 June 2014


How this list was created

The proposed recommendations are the result of a specific request to the Scientific Committees of SIAIP. It was required to each Committees to identify one or two critical topics within the specific scientific area of expertise, and formulate appropriate recommendations with a brief explanation and bibliographical notes. This phase was followed by the evaluation by the Steering Committee of SIAIP and the production of the final draft.

About this society:

The Italian Society of Pediatric Allergology and Immunology – SIAIP was founded in 1997 with the following purposes: 1. to disseminate a scientific culture in the field of Allergy and pediatric Immunology through a continuous education and updates of physicians and health professionals; 2. to promote studies and research on Allergy and Immunology also in collaboration with other Scientific Societies; 3. to spread the awareness of the clinical and social impact of allergic and immunological diseases in children in Italy; 4. to cooperate with the Ministry of Health, Regions, Local Health for health promotion in childhood; 5. to offer information to parents and to the general population about allergic and immune diseases, their prevention and treatment; 6. to develop guidelines and promote clinical trials and researches.
To date, the SIAIP consists of over 800 members and includes Regional Sections, 10 Scientific Committees and various study groups. In the SIAIP web site ( ) it is possible to find the fully list of SIAIP activities.