Professional Society of Forensic Medicine of Italian National Health Service Hospitals

released: 1 October 2015
last updated: 1 October 2015


How this list was created

The Board of COMLAS appointed a restricted work group consisting of professionals working in business, academic and free-lance fields. The group has jointly worked through periodic meetings; in these framework, members reported proposals resulting from experience gained in referenced institutions. Considering the special nature and purpose of the discipline, practices of forensic activities, conducted both in the context of health organizations and in the judiciary, have been taken into account. Practices at risk of inappropriateness were selected after extensive discussion and consultation as well as following the suggestions of the “Doing more does not mean doing better” project manager, finally, the work group chose its top five recommendations which were then approved by the National Executive Board.

About this society:

“COMLAS” (Professional Society of Forensic Medicine of Italian National Health Service Hospitals ) is a national, apolitical, no trade union purposes and no profit association. It performs the function of Scientific Society of forensic doctors working in Italian NHS, with scientific, cultural, divulgative, training and research aims, in partnership with other scientific societies of Italian and foreign medical and health professions. It provides advice to Ministry of Health, Regions, local health authorities and other public and private health institutions contributing to drawing policies aimed to ensure that citizens receive uniformed and homogeneous levels of assistance and support. It promotes the construction of a forensic model which, in addition to playing the role of a medical discipline applied to the law, might encourage a modern vision of the relationship between “citizens/ institutions “ thus placing the citizen, the human person, at the heart of the NHS according to principles of fairness and safeguard of the public interest.