CIPOMO-Green Oncology
Italian Board of Medical Oncology Directors – Green Oncology

released: 1 March 2014
last updated: 1 September 2016


How this list was created

CIPOMO (Italian Board of Medical Oncology Hospital Directors) established, in 2011, the working group Green Oncology, committed to a new oncology paradigm that takes into account, for the same results, the economic and environmental sustainability. In 2012 he drafted and presented The Green Position Paper of Oncology CIPOMO (see website CIPOMO The working group consists of 14 medical oncologists, a general practitioner and a nurse.As part of the campaign “Choosing Wisely” and in collaboration with Slow Medicine, 13 procedures were identified with the criteria “Doing more does not mean do better”, for risk of inappropriateness, in the practice of medical oncology. Among these, considering the opinion of “Slow Medicine”, the five most consistent procedures have been identified with respect to: “Do not perform”, “Do not take”, “Do not require.”
In 2013, the National Congress of Roma of CIPOMO, were presented the 10 Behaviors of CIPOMO, representing real recommendations to medical oncologists: among them include 2 of 5 points submitted for the project “Doing more does not mean doing better “( In the summer of 2013, the 13 points were approved by the “White Heron” patient organization (chairman Aldo Sardoni). The association approved the 13 procedures advancing suggestions and criticisms. The documentation is available to anyone interested. Currently the Green Oncology Group is engaged in the project “Good Practices”, with the aim to disseminate and promote good clinical practices already carried out under the spirit of Green Oncology.

About this society:

CIPOMO is the Italian Board of Medical Oncology Hospital Directors with the aim to protect the development of care and clinical research in medical oncology. All members are Directors of Medical Oncology of Hospital Department in Italy.
Green Oncology is a working group of CIPOMO to perform the new paradigm of medical oncology in the name of economic and environmental sustainability. This view is based on responsibility ethical and biopsycosocial medical model.