Italian Association of Hospital Cardiologists

released: 1 June 2014
last updated: 1 June 2017


How this list was created

A working group defined 17 tests, treatments and procedures at high risk of inappropriateness in Italy. To choose the top 5, it was decided to exclude those already considered inappropriate in the international guidelines, those with high technical characteristics (e.g., coronary angioplasty for FFR> 0,80, CRT for QRS <0.12 sec), those occasionally prescribed in Italy, focusing on the grey areas of frequent performed procedures, though at low risk for patients.

About this society:

The National Hospital Cardiologists Association (ANMCO) is a 5,000 member non-profit medical association of Italian cardiologists working in the National Health Service. Founded in 1963 the ANMCO promotes good clinical practice, prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases through organizational proposals, vocational education and training, promotes and conducts clinical studies, and leads the formulation and development of practical guidelines. From 2006 ANMCO is ISO 9001 certificated.