Italian Association of Medical Endocrinologists

released: 1 April 2015
last updated: 1 November 2021


How this list was created

The Association of Medical Endocrinologists (AME) has created a 4-member working group («AME for sustainable medicine») charged with evaluating the literature and reach a preliminary consensus on 5 low values medical interventions. These results have been approved by the AME Central Committee before being released on line to all members of the society. Interest on the topic is widespread and it will be the subject of a dedicated session in the upcoming national AME congress. The working group is currently focusing on a second list and cooperating in other initiatives promoted by the slow medicine movement. The recommendations were revised in November 2021.

About this society:

AME stems from the need to reunite all Italian clinical endocrinologists, and its mission is the improvement of patient care and the definition of Endocrinology as a specialty. Among the other goals of our non profit organization, there are : promotion of the figure of the Clinical Endocrinologist; promotion of continuing medical evaluation in Endocrinology; coordination of research and scientific growth in this field. In regard to professional development and continuing medical evaluation, AME arranges periodic meetings, courses and workshops with a special focus on subjects affecting daily medical practice. The development of clinical guidelines, data bank and other tools is a subject of particular attention and open to all members.