Italian Society for Pediatric Respiratory Diseases

released: 1 March 2017
last updated: 1 March 2017


How this list was created

SIMRI, after having formally joined the campaign “Doing more does not mean doing better- Choosing Wisely Italy” and “Slow Medicine”, has identified a working group formed by experts among its members (senior and junior). The Board has assessed the emerging points and selected those considered most significant, accompanying the final draft with the related motivations and the necessary bibliography.

About this society:

The Italian Society for Pediatric Respiratory Diseases (SIMRI) was founded on September 24, 1995 and has the following goals:• to support scientific research in the field of respiratory disorders, through its study groups;
• to promote scientific collaboration with the main Italian and international companies;
• to spread the teaching and knowledge of the treatment of pediatric respiratory diseases.
Furthermore, SIMRI promotes awareness on issues of significant social impact, such as the consequences of cigarette smoking and passive smoking on children’s respiratory health.
The official organ of the Society is the magazine “Pneumologia Pediatrica”, which in every issue (four outings per year), investigates respiratory disorders in children. The magazine is available in the online version for all its members. SIMRI has over 600 members and is divided into several Study Groups. On the website ( it is possible to know in full the activities of the Company.