National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders – Pediatric Nursing Area

released: 1 November 2016
last updated: 1 November 2016


How this list was created

FNOPI- the National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders (IPASVI until 2017) participates in the campaign “Doing more does not mean doing better- Choosing Wisely Italy” through the development of five procedures regarding the pediatric nursing area. They were developed taking into account the damage caused to the patient by the inappropriateness of procedures and the lack of cooperation among colleagues and between nurses and child/family. We aimed at highlighting issues lacking research and clinical trials attention and so with poor scientific evidence. These procedures are intended to support the vocational activities of pediatric nurses as a consulting subsidy for daily practice, to improve the quality and safety of actions that can often be “automatic”, without underestimating the equitable use of available resources by avoiding wastefulness. The methodological approach was organized by the Academy of Nursing Sciences (ASI).

About this society:

The National Federation of Nursing Orders (FNOPI) is a non-economic body governed by public law that gathers all the orders of nurses and paediatric nurses of the Italian provinces. To date it counts 102 orders and about 450000 members in the two registers managed: Nurses and Paediatric Nurses. http://www.fnopi.it
The definition of the specificities in terms of competence and responsibility of the above mentioned professions is provided respectively in MD 739/94 and MD 70/97: “The pediatric nurse is the healthcare professional, in possession of the qualifying university degree and professional registration, who is responsible for pediatric nursing”. For further information: http://www.fnopi.it/