National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders

released: 1 March 2014
last updated: 1 March 2014


How this list was created

FNOPI- the National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders (IPASVI until 2017) involved the scientific societies and professional associations of its own professional area in identifying high-risk practices of inappropriateness within their scope of practice, in accordance with the indications provided by Slow Medicine within the scope of project “Doing more, does not mean doing better “. In each of the Societies and Associations who accepted the invitation by FNOPI a working group was set up to conduct a review of the literature (searches for guidelines on the sites of the main national and international institutions, searches for systematic reviews on the Cochrane Library, searches on the site of the Joanna Briggs Institute – JBI …) and selected a number of practices, related to the specificity of the association, in terms of limited effectiveness, the risk of causing harm to patients, and to widespread dissemination in Italy. The choice of the final list was prompted by several meetings among the various scientific societies and professional associations: the list shows practices identified by AICO, AIOSS, AIUC, AIURO, and ANIMO. The methodological approach was organized by the Academy of Nursing Sciences (ASI).

About this society:

The National Federation of Nursing Orders (FNOPI) is a non-economic body governed by public law that gathers all the orders of nurses and paediatric nurses of the Italian provinces. To date it counts 102 orders and about 450000 members in the two registers managed: Nurses and Paediatric Nurses. http://www.fnopi.it
Until 2018, nurses, paediatric nurses and health visitors were grouped together in the National Federation of IPASVI Colleges, instituted in 1954 by the law 1049 dated October 29.
The recommendations of the list were identified by the professional societies and nursing associations: AICO (Italian Association of Theatre Nurses), AIOSS (Italian Association of Stoma Treatment Health Workers), AIUC (Italian Association of Skin Ulcers), AIURO (Association of Hospital Urology Nurses), ANIMO (National Association of Medicine Nurses).