Italian Association of Urology Nurses (FNOPI Professional Society)

released: 1 October 2016
last updated: 1 October 2016


How this list was created

A.I.U.R.O. (Association of Urology Nurses), considering the recently published studies, their epidemiological and infectivology statistics and its own experience, decided to establish a working group composed mainly of its members. The components, after a critical analysis of the available scientific evidence and information and the consultation of updated guidelines in the field, developed these recommendations. The methodological approach was organized by the Academy of Nursing Sciences (ASI).

About this society:

A.I.U.R.O was founded in Turin in 1995 by a group of nurses working in Urology departments, sensitive to professional training and specialized aspects. Originally affiliated to AURO (Association of Hospital Urologists), separated in 2000, becoming an autonomous and independent body. In 1997, the association was officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health. Since the beginning, the collaboration with companies and professionals at national, international and Europen level played an important role. Thanks to the Association’s relevance, since 2001 a successful collaboration with an NGO is ongoing to sustain an EU health project in developing countries. We’re particularly proud of our participation in the founding of GPAIN (Permanent Group of National Nursing Associations).
Among the association’s objectives there is the promotion of research and nursing culture in the field of urology, in collaboration with the National Federation of Registered Nurses’ Colleges and other professional associations, thus enhancing the nursing activities in hospital urological departments by means of technical and scientific information sharing among professionals, also internationally.