Italian Society of Pediatric Nephrology

released: 1 November 2016
last updated: 1 November 2016


How this list was created

All the society members were informed of this initiative by means of a document describing its intention. Members were then asked to present some indications with the aim of choosing the five treatments and procedures that were most at risk of inappropriateness, that is the five that received the highest number of indications. Following that, the board of directors created a document based on these five procedures, which was subsequently presented at the 31st SINePe National Congress, held in Vieste in 2015, in order to ensure full cooperation. The document was then sent to all the society members for their approval. The critical comments and positive notes were taken on board and the final version of the text was produced and sent to Slow Medicine.

About this society:

The Italian Society of Pediatric Nephrology (SINePe) includes Italian professionals in Pediatric Nephrology. The aims of the Society are: to promote the advancement of clinical and experimental studies in the field of Pediatric Nephrology; to favour the development and standardisation of research methodologies and clinical applications; to encourage collaborative research between Italian and foreign groups; to foster the scientific training of young researchers; to promote the dissemination of knowledge and teaching in the field of Pediatric Nephrology; as well as to encourage initiatives aiming at the prevention and at social aspects of pediatric diseases of the urinary tract.