Italian Association of Medicine Nurses (FNOPI Professional Society)

released: 1 October 2016
last updated: 1 January 2024


How this list was created

The procedures considered at risk of inappropriateness have been identified through the involvement of all the regional representatives of the association Animo. Every contact person was given a mandate to:
– Reflect on the procedures exclusively related with the scope of autonomous nursing decision-making;
-Identify five procedures that did not bring about benefits to the patient;
– Support the selection with appropriate literature.
The regional representatives, after a peer comparison, sent the identified procedures to the Animo project contact person. The Animo Research Group performed the supporting bibliographic research. This activity made it possible to draw up a list of 5 procedures that was presented and discussed with the IPASVI contact person for the project and the representatives of other nursing associations. The methodological approach was organized by the Academy of Nursing Sciences (ASI). All recommendations were revised in November 2021. The sources of all recommendations were revised in January 2024.

About this society:

ANIMO (National Association of Medicine Nurses) aims at fostering the professional development of nurses to improve care for individuals and communities. It has representatives in each Italian region with the aim of promoting and disseminating the principles and initiatives of the association. It promotes and organizes scientific, cultural, and research initiatives; collaborates with universities and training agencies for the development and continuing education of its members.