Associazione Culturale Pediatri

released: 1 February 2015
last updated: 1 April 2021


How this list was created

First step for ACP in creating this list was to involve the pediatricians belonging to its organization (chair every regional referee), sending e mail to explain the history, the ratio and the aims of this project. Every pediatrician was asked to choose one or more tests, treatments or procedures in his every day practice, very commonly used, which appear not to be beneficial for many patients but rather to expose them to additional risks and which should be used more properly, through a shared decision making taking into account patient’s needs and desires. Among all the recommendations, a working group selected the ones indicated by most pediatricians, with particular regard to ACP priorities.. All recommendations have been revisioned in April 2021

About this society:

Associazione Culturale Pediatri – ACP is a free association composed by 1400 primary care, hospital and university pediatricians, with the aim of developing pediatric culture and promoting child health. It has an ethic code. The most important activities are: editing, research, implementing pediatric culture, no profit. It has in charge health education campaigns and supporting programs of international cooperation. The most important themes of interest are: respect and promotion of children rights and their mental health, reducing social impairment, promoting parents’ and children skills, using in the best way the human and economic resources, considering environment as an important health determinant. For further information