Thyroid US screening is not recommended in patients without thyroid disease’s signs or symptoms and without thyroid carcinoma family history.

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Thyroid ultrasound is a powerful investigation for the diagnosis of thyroid disorders, but its use must be guided by the proper clinical context. Small thyroid nodules are highly prevalent in the general population, and, in most cases, their clinical significance is limited. Over the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Most of these new cases, however, regard small well-differentiated tumors, whose detection has failed to produce a concomitant decrease in mortality, raising the issue of over-diagnosis. The indiscriminate use of thyroid ultrasound may lead to detection of tumors which, while not affecting individual prognosis, can cause anxiety and harm to the patient, promote unnecessary diagnostic and surgical interventions, and add to the costs for the taxpayer.


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