Don’t recommend Amyloid PET (positron emission tomography) in asymptomatic individuals without cognitive impairment, even in the presence of a familiarity for dementia, and in subjects reporting deficits not confirmed by the neuropsychological evaluation.

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Amyloid PET is not a diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease but rather an index of cerebral amyloidosis, and may be positive in other forms of dementia (i.e. dementia with Lewy bodies), and in asymptomatic subjects. Furthermore, the accuracy of this exam decreases when age of patients increases.
The use of amyloid PET is not recommended in the following conditions: patients who met the criteria for probable Alzheimer’s disease and with a typical age at onset; for the definition of the severity and for the follow-up of the cognitive impairment (fundamental role of neuropsychological evaluation); for asymptomatic individuals, even in the presence of a familiarity for dementia and/or with one or two of the Ɛ4 alleles of the apolipoprotein E (ApoE); for subjective cognitive impairment (patients reporting deficits not confirmed by the objective neuropsychological evaluation); as an alternative to the genetic testing; for non-medical use (legal and insurance purposes).


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