Don’t define a treatment program that includes radiation therapy without the involvement of the radiation oncologist from the beginning (that is, immediately after diagnosis of the disease) in the definition of the program.

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The modern oncology employes surgery, radiotherapy and sistemic therapies (hormon therapies, chemotherapies, target therapies, immunotherapies, and so on). The radiation oncologist is a specialist in the use of radiation therapy, alone or in combination with sistemic therapies, and he is the only person authorized to prescribe radiation therapy. Most treatment programs today involves the use of multiple therapeutic modalities, variously integrated with each other, and radiation therapy is used to treat 70% of tumors. It follows that the lack of involvement of radiation oncologist from the very beginning (that is, immediately after the diagnosis of the disease) in the definition of the therapeutic program, may result in errors in the indication of radiotherapy, in the evaluation of possible side effects and/or in the choice of treatments’ sequence. Many of these errors can’t be compensated at a later time.


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