Do not follow Occidental style diets with high environmental impact. Only healthy diets such as the Mediterranean diet can guarantee the physical health of individuals and of the planet.

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Food has an impact on environmental resources, in terms of consumption of water, soil, energy, as well as gas production, acidification and eutrophication. The “Occidental diets” (full of refined foods, animal fats, sugars and low in fiber) are those that involve the greatest environmental burden, as well as those that favor the onset of metabolic, cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Conversely, “healthy diets” (mainly plant-based – whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit – with good fish content, moderate amounts of meat – preferring white to red ones – and with vegetable fats) have the advantage of being protective for the health of individuals and more respectful of the resources used for the production of food to be consumed.


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